The best connect game you have ever played

Game Play

Visual Effect

Level Design

Difficulty Mode


Powerful Boost

Free To Play

Free and always free

Full Responsive

Real-time interaction

Universal App

Works on tablets and phones

Cross Platform

Works on IOS and Android


The app package files to install the game directly

How To Play

Connect two tiles to clear them off the board

Choose two tiles which are the same kind and connectable within three lines

Use the hint button (?) to reveal a linkable pair

When you cant find a possible move, use the hint button to discover your next move

Matching lucky tiles to get boosts and bonuses

There are a lot different kinds of boosts and bonuses: get extra time, complete a pair, shuffle the board, double the score…

Difficulty modes, timing and scoring system

Every game mode has a different timing and scoring system, the more difficult the more points rewarded